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Dental Services

We bring our office to you.

You Name it, we do it

We provide our clients with an exceptionally high standard of care and sensitivity. We will come to you which avoids the stress of travel, scheduling, and wasted time. Whether you’re at home or in your office, we’ll make sure to work around your busy schedule and provide you with exact safe service you would have recieved if you went into any dental office.

Dental Care

Chipped Tooth

Safe X-Rays


Root Canal


Enamel Protection



Dental Implants




Periodontal Disease



Not seeing what you need?

how it all works

Our process is like us, simple, easy, and not too complicated.

Schedule a consultation

Everything starts with a plan and knowing what it is you need to maintain long-term dental care.

Fill in the paperwork

As always, there's paperwork. It's not a lot and we will guide you as needed. Please note, we don't accept insurance of any kind.

Calendar your appointment

This is where we calendar your appointment and take payment. We ask our clients to keep their times as we do not offer refunds.

We'll drive to you, setup, & Start

It takes our nursing assistant 30 mins to setup and break down. Once they're finished, Dr. Ward will arrive to start the procedure.

We do not sub-contract with insurance providers. We are happy to work with your insurance provider but require 100% reimbursement for all services performed.

State of the art equipment

We use nothing but the best for our clients.

What makes us unique?

Pet Friendly

Having dental work done can be nerve-racking especially if you’re not familiar with the process. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a special buddy by your side to provide you with the comfort you need. Luckily, we love all animals and encourage you to have your pet by your side if you so desire.

Watch over your family

Parent Friendly

Our children are the most precious little individuals in this world and we know parents want to watch over and care for their young. We encourage mom or dad to be present during any procedure (big or small) to support their child as needed.

Respect, Convenient, Care

Senior Friendly

As we get older, getting to an appointment can be an ordeal. With our services, you don’t have to worry. We’ll come to you. If you’re in bed, we have solutions for that. If you’re in a wheelchair or otherwise incapacitated, we’ve got a solution for that too. Regardless of your situation, we provide excellent dental services to all our senior clientelle.

What makes us unique?

Covid Safe

Safety is paramount, especially in today’s world. We take all precautions necessary to keep you and your loved ones safe as well as to ensure the safety of our team. If you have any concerns whatsoever, please talk to our team so we can communicate with you in detail, what precautionary steps we take to ensure a fun, safe, dental visit.

Schedule a consultation

Let’s get the ball rolling and move you one step closer to the easiest and best dental service you’ve ever experienced!

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